Way of the Dog

When you are out walking your dog on leash, does your dog do the “happy dance” with every person they meet? It can be not only embarrassing but also dangerous for anyone not expecting this jumping welcome.

Here’s a very quick and easy tip that provides immediate results. Make sure you are using at least a six-foot leash and when you know the dance is coming, (ie. your dog is about the jump all over someone) just place your foot on the leash, on the ground, and watch as the dog’s ability to jump up on people stops. This also allows your dog to self-correct his own behavior, as his jumping is now restrained and longer rewarded with attention. The jumping will naturally diminish over time because it’s no longer being reinforced.

Your center gravity is stronger lower to the ground and instead of you yelling and jerking your dog as he puts paw prints all over your friend’s white pants or knocks over grandma, you can instead look cool and in control while finishing your conversation.


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