About Brian Lee

Following his passion and calling to transform the way humans understand dogs.

Meet Brian Lee

During the past 30 years as a practicing behavioral counselor and trainer in the Los Angeles area, Brian Lee has worked with over 10,000 dogs and their families.

Brian has successfully dealt with just about every behavior challenge a dog can present and because of his unique approach and positive results, he is working with many owners and their second and third generation dogs. Although his specialty is the "family dog,” he has also worked with search and rescue, guide, agility, and therapy dogs. Brian’s program has been used by members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team, the California Rescue Dog Association and the FBI Evidence Response Team, one of which (Nikko) was featured in the book Dog Heroes of September 11th. He’s had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at Pierce College in Woodland Hills for their Registered Veterinary Technician program as well as the Southern California Regional Occupational Center and the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Crisis Response team. Brian has also supervised therapy and training programs for a variety of organizations, including The Kennel Club and Torrance Memorial Hospital, as well as regularly advising many veterinary hospitals and dog day care facilities on behavioral issues throughout Southern California.

Brian feels very fortunate to not only have found his calling, but to also have the opportunity on a daily basis to make a positive difference in the human-dog relationship.

History & Evolution

In 1985, Brian began his career at the National Institute of Dog Training.

Through experience and extensive research into a variety of training methods, he learned that the relationship between humans and dogs was much more complex than giving commands.

There's more to a dog than come, sit, stay and down. Brian believes in educating the dog's owners on how to raise mentally healthy dogs.

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Television and Radio Appearances

Animal Planet

Brian appeared on multiple television shows for Animal Planet, including "Untamed & Uncut," "Beverly Hills Vet," and "Eukanuba Tournament of Champions."

A&E's America's Top Dog

He helped create "America's Top Dog", serving as the show's lead dog behaviorist while working with Cesar Milan and others who appeared as judges for the show.

NBC's Providence

He was called to the set of NBC's "Providence" to assist in resolving training challenges.

CBS's Greatest American Dog

Brian appeared on CBS's “Greatest American Dog” reality show and provided training advice to the contestants.

Radio Talkshows

Brian hosted a weekly local radio show on KFOX, answering live calls regarding dog behavior. He was also featured on the My Doggie Says radio talk show, hosted by Fred Haney on KFNX 1100 in Phoenix. Additionally, he appeared on BBC radio, providing expert opinion regarding a pilot program for people-pet connections.

Print & Awards

Brian was asked to write multiple articles for Lisa Erspamer's (executive VP of programming & development for the Oprah Winfrey Network) blog, A Letter to my Dog. Additional features include: the LA Times, South Bay Magazine, the San Jose Mercury, & 7 wins as Best Dog Trainer in the South Bay in the Daily Breeze's BEST awards.

Endorsements and Clientele

Celebrity Clients

Brian has the pleasure of working with:

  • Wallis Annenberg
  • Landon Donovan
  • Janet Jackson
  • James Caan
  • Ryan Philippe
  • Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme
  • Howie Long
  • Dustin Brown
  • Jurgen and Debbie Klinsmann
  • Liza Minnelli
  • Michael Lombardo
  • Beverly Johnson
  • Glenn Hughes
  • Bianca Kajlich
  • Michael Maloney
  • Chester and Talinda Bennington
  • Kaya Turski
  • Ralph Garman
  • Omar Gonzalez
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Sarah Silverman
  • Crystal Hunt
  • Harry and Florence Sloan
  • Joe Hahn
  • Bob Talbot
  • Sia Furhler and Erik Lang
  • Coco Crisp
  • Dan Gibson and Keyshia Cole

Professional Memberships

Brian is a member of:

  • International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)
  • Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA)

Professional Endorsements

I would like to thank the following professionals for their referrals and support:

  • Furry Friends - Jane Sid & Karen Tipich
  • PetCare Company - Lewis & Paula Turner
  • Pierce College - Rebecca Yates, DVM & Liz White, RVT
  • Clarmar Hospital - Stephen Fynaardt, DVM & Dawn Miller, DVM
  • Advanced Veterinary Care Center – Michael Lesser, DVM
  • Animal Emergency Referral Center - Jonnie Quantz, DVM
  • Peninsula Center Pet Hospital – Peggy Herrera, DVM
  • Point Vicente Animal Hospital - Cassie L. Jones, DVM
  • Animal House Pet Pros – Brian Dougherty, Owner
  • Dinah's Doggie Day Care - Dinah and Bruce Duncan
  • Peninsula Pet Clinic - Richard Ceman, DVM
  • Veterinary House Calls - Dirk Yelinek, DVM
  • Howie's Doggie Day Care - Tony Morales
  • Animal Medical Clinic - Bob Mason, DVMA
  • Shear Pleasure Grooming - Rebecca Zamboni
  • Silver Spur - Monique DiSanto, DVM
  • Redondo Beach Dog Park - Sandie Rhodes
  • Redondo Beach Animal Control - Yvette Smith
  • SPCA - Officer Tori Matthews
  • Ushampooch - John & Lisa Grannis
  • All Pets Veterinary Hospital
  • Paws-a-while - Connie Killen
  • Harbor Animal Hospital - Robert M. Kaufman, DVM & Lauren A. Norby
  • Redwood Animal Hospital - Kim Rea, DVM & Veronica Pirotto, DVM
  • Family Pet Clinic - Kim Daffner, DVM & Christine Potts, DVM
  • South Shores Pet Clinic – Mark Weimer, DVM & Van P. Steed, DVM
  • Village Pet Clinic – Taylor Truitt, DVM, Belinda Abbott, DVM & Stacy Fuchino, DVM
  • Hermosa Animal Hospital - Steve Liebl, DVM, Kim Doane, DVM & Bridget Jacks, DVM
  • Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital - Kirk Steinam, DVM & Eileen Wang, DVM
  • Western Veterinary Group – Mike Zareski, DVM
  • Plaza Del Amo Animal Hospital – Brent H. Dastrup, DVM, Teresa Benton, Michele Hoag DVM & John Guerra, DVM
  • Sue Chipperton – Animal trainer (Taco Bell Chihuahua, AFLAC, Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials)
  • Animal Hospital of Redondo Beach - Chris Hutson, DVM & Stephanie Tallent, DVM
  • Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital - Walter Rosskopf, DVM & Richard Woepel, DVM