About Brian's Program

How to raise and develop mentally healthy, happy, relaxed, and stable dogs.

There is more to a dog than come, sit, stay and down.

To raise and develop the most mentally healthy and stable dog possible, Brian believes the education begins with the owner.

A dog's behavior is based on two factors, nature (the raw materials - personality, breed, age, sex) and nurture (their environment, of which your home and family are the core component). Owners who take on the responsibility of both understanding what makes up their dog’s behavior as well as how to raise and develop their dog properly, will have a happier and more content pet.

By meeting your dog's basic needs, providing opportunities for social development, maintaining a positive, clearly defined relationship with your dog, and using a positive approach to motivate your dog with enthusiasm and respect instead of fear, the result will be a well-behaved and balanced dog. Your dog might even become the happiest, most well adjusted member of your family.

Outline of the Approach

The program involves a process of education, behavior modification through positive reinforcement, dog psychology, and hands-on training.

Owner Education

The program strives to educate the owner about:

  • How to see the world through your dog's eyes
  • What motivates your dog's behavior
  • Why it is crucial to socialize your dog
  • How to set your dog up to win
  • How to become your dog's mentor (pack-leader)
  • How to create a rewarding relationship between you and your dog

Who is the Program For?

This program and approach is for:

  • All breeds of dogs (pure and mixed)
  • All sized dogs
  • All ages from seven weeks to seniors
  • Adopted, rescue/shelter, and therapy dogs

Creating A Peaceful And Harmonious Home

Common issues that are addressed:

  • House manners and housebreaking
  • Leash control (no pulling, no lunging)
  • Modifying specific behavior problems (barking, digging, chewing, jumping, play biting, etc)
  • Aggressive tendencies, phobias, separation anxiety and other behavioral issues
  • Off-leash and boundary training
  • How to integrate your dog into the family

Behavior Modification

Issues are modified through:

  • Owner, pet and family behavior modification
  • Innovative uses of psychology and philosophy
  • Hands-on application of training techniques
  • Puppy parties for developing social confidence
  • Social interaction in public to improve social skills

Personalized Sessions, and On Location

Brian covers the majority of Southern California and private sessions can be conducted in your home, at Brian's home office in Redondo Beach, CA, or on location (the Strand, dog parks, place of business, etc.). Brian is deeply vested in every client and personally conducts every session.