Endorsements, Reviews
and Testimonials

“We were referred to Brian when our recently "rescued", Flat Coat Retriever, George, started to exhibit aggressive behavior towards visitors. Brian was able to explain the behavior and provided simple strategies to address all problems. Progress was achieved immediately and was not reversed.” John R. Anderson, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
“Dear Brian, I know it has been some time since we completed our canine counseling with you. However, not a day goes by that I do not have a moment in time to send you a heartfelt thanks for sharing your expertise in such a friendly, yet professional manner. Rusty now sits nicely at every stop light and is so well mannered - he can no longer be identified as a "street dog." You'll recall he was a rescue dog. So many thanks for improving all our families lives & definitely Rusty's.” Valerie Rodgers, Torrance, CA
“I have been a practicing veterinarian in the South Bay for over 25 years, and during that time Brian Lee is the only trainer I have established a lasting relationship with and consistently recommended. Brian speaks "Dog" better than anyone else I have ever worked with. For Brian, I believe training dogs is not so much a job as it is his calling. Brian has happily resolved many of my clients' dog’s behavior issues. He has worked with their dogs' whose behavior problems were so severe that they felt they would be forced to give them up, as well as those with routine behavior issues. I prominently display Brian's brochures in my office lobby and place one of his business cards in every "Puppy Pak" that I put together for new puppy owners. It certainly makes my job easier when my patients are well trained and behaved. I have personally sought out Brian to help my family train our Golden Retriever and Doberman. As I sit here writing this testimonial I am also looking forward to working with Brian to train my new Standard Poodle Puppy.” Robert M. Kaufman, D.V.M., Owner of Harbor Animal Hospital
“Brian helped us to enjoy our black lab, Lupo, even more than we imagined we could. We saw real improvement from the very first lesson. He makes it easy and enjoyable to train your dog. But most importantly, he "trained" us. Thanks again!” Jeff & Karen Wolfe, Hermosa Beach, CA
“Brian Lee transformed our frightened, cautious, non-potty trained, pound puppy into a confident, loving and well behaved boy. Brian was able to accomplish this feat with surprisingly little effort on our part. As a result of Brian's expertise, our dog Sparky accompanies us to work most days and is a pleasure for the staff and others to be around.” Stephanie Holtorf, Palos Verdes, CA
“Brian Lee has a "sixth sense" about dog behavior and how to resolve problem's when they occur. Brian is the ONLY trainer I recommend to my clients because he doesn't use a cookie cutter approach to dog training. He makes an individual assessment of each and every one of his students and tailors their program accordingly for maximum results. Part of his program involves carefully examining the dog's home environment, and relationship with every family member. Recently I adopted a Doberman named Clive...actually bucking Bronco was more like it. The owner of the rescue center asked if I was sure I wanted him because he was the "wildest" dog they had ever had at their facility. I scheduled my sessions with Brian before I even got him home because I have eight other animals that Clive would need to get along with. After the first week Clive was noticeably calmer and getting along with my other 2 dogs. After the second session he was well behaved enough to be around our guinea pigs and Iguana. One month after starting our training he was getting along with our three cats!!! He is now a model canine citizen and the best behaved animal in our house!” Monique Di Santo, DVM
“Brian Lee, very literally changed my life! He taught my son and I how to handle and properly meet my energetic 3.5 year old boxer, Nellie's, need's. She is grounded, happy, and her behavior is immensely improved. Nellie is now a joy instead of a maniac! Thank you Brian!” Sharon & Barry Conrad, Manhattan Beach, CA
“Brian's unquestionable knowledge and command of dogs is unbelievable. Brian was upfront and honest about my particular breed. He alleviated my concerns and gave me the tools I needed to enjoy my dog. His advice carried me through to my future pets as well.” Erica Mizell, Rolling Hills, CA
“I've referred clients to Brian Lee for 15 years and have had excellent results. I see dogs with a variety of behavioral problems and am thankful I have someone I feel will provide the owners with the proper knowledge, information and training skills. At new puppy exams I always stress involving Brian in their training from the very beginning. Early training gets the puppy and owner off to the right start in raising a good family dog. Brian has puppy parties each month so young dogs can improve their socialization skills without being overwhelmed at the dog park. He supervises each party and corrects puppies when necessary. I think the "parents" enjoy the parties too! I am also one to practice what I preach. When we got our puppy I called Brian for training. My family learned simple, positive techniques and we feel we have a great dog as a result of Brian's expertise. We are fortunate to have such a terrific dog trainer in the South Bay.” Kim Doane, D.V.M., Hermosa Animal Hospital
“Brian was one of the best choices my wife and I could have ever made for our dogs. We learned so much about our dog that we didn't know before. Brian, thank you for giving our dogs and us the best relationship ever.” Tony & Maggie Ford, Lawndale, CA
“I've had dogs for 50 years and feel I am a VERY competent dog owner. But as much as I tried--including the study of everything by Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer)--I couldn't fix my shepherd. She was terrified of other dogs. She would panic if they looked at her or barked from inside a house. I contacted Brian Lee as my last resort. He told me it could be accomplished in five visits. He did it in four! (Ms) Einstein is normal now! Brian and his big ole shepherd brought Einstein from a state of trembling, shaking and peeing, to one of indifference. That meant that she could pass the tests to become a Therapy Dog at the Veteran's Hospital. Without Brian's help we could not have enjoyed two years of hospital volunteering. Einstein and I both owe Brian not only a vote of thanks, but our deepest gratitude.” Christine B., Gardena, Ca
“I have been practicing Veterinary Medicine in the South Bay for over 20 years. At my very first job, I learned to trust and rely on the name Brian Lee. I know the high quality of training that my clients will receive when I refer to Brian. Naturally when I adopted an aggressive puppy, Brian was the one I went to for guidance. He helped me turn her into a great companion. I recently adopted a hyperactive, destructive deaf puppy. Again, I turned to Brain Lee. Through my work, I have met many trainers who have wanted me to recommend them. None have impressed me with their knowledge or there experience as Brian has. None seem to stay in the area very long. None have proven to be a reliable, stable force. The trainers that walk through my door now get asked about their experience with deaf dogs and not a single one has personally trained any deaf dogs. Of course, Brian has trained several of these dogs. That is just another reason why I feel Brian stands head and shoulders above the others.” Dawn Miller, DVM, VCA CLAIRMAR ANIMAL HOSPITAL
“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Brian! I have over 25 years animal training experience and to this day I still go to Brian for any behavioral questions I have regarding the animals I am training. Brian has over three decades of experience at the highest possible level and I have recommended him without hesitation for the last 20 years that I have had the pleasure of knowing him. His no-nonsense and straightforward approach makes total sense and is refreshing in today’s training world.” Sue Chipperton, www.tailsticks.com www.chipperton.com Celebrity studio trainer for over 20 years/Trainer of The Taco Bell Dog/Aflac Ducks/Budweiser (Super Bowl) Puppy, Author of “A Famous Dog’s Life” and contributor to Animal Stars: Behind the Scenes with Your Favorite Animal Actors
“I first met Brian in 1996 when he was providing training to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department volunteer Search and Rescue Dogs. Brian brought positive energy, great skills, and a very innovative and original approach to training. To this day, I consult with Brian on training issues and refer back to the training ideas and techniques Brian shared with me as we worked to train and develop my search K9 Nikko. With Brian’s help, Nikko went on to be a very successful search dog with numerous finds to his credit as a member of the California Rescue Dog Association and a resource for the FBI Los Angeles Evidence Response Team. Brian’s vast and extensive experience in dealing with more than 10,000 dogs and their people is truly second to none. He is a problem solver and has mastered the fine art of dog training. I feel so fortunate that Brian remains not only a mentor to me but also a friend.” Sonja Nordstrom, Retired FBI Special Agent who now owns and operates Sonja’s Dog Training in Utah, She has certified and successfully fielded four Search K9s with deployments throughout the Western U.S., to the Pentagon after 9/11, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and most recently to Europe to search for remains of WWII MIAs
“This is a letter to personally thank you for all of the time and effort you donated towards training my German Shepherd “Nakota.” Thanks to your help, Nakota passed all the preliminary sign offs and final testing and is fully certified in Trailing for both the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department as well as the statewide agency California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA). Nakota is also fully certified in cadaver and human remains detection for the LA Sheriff's Department, card, as well as the Governor’s Office of Emergency Service (OES). OES lists Nakota as a statewide resource that can be dispatched anywhere the governor's office directs, within California, and outside the state for mutual aid requests. Brian, you are an outstanding dog trainer in your efforts significantly benefited my dog. I know that you have graciously worked with several other dogs from the LA Sheriff's team as well as CARDA, and I know everyone greatly appreciate your time, energy, and thorough understanding of canine motivation.” Marcy Taylor & Nakota, Special Enforcement Bureau, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
“Our family cannot thank Brian Lee enough for saving our one and a half year old Shepard/Jindo rescue mix 'Lucy'. Although she was loving with our family, she was aggressive towards visitors and had terrible anxiety issues. Desperate to keep her safe and stop her from jumping our six-foot fences, we called Brian in a panic. He was calm, professional and understanding. We were thrilled to find a trainer to come to our aid so quickly and with such competence. In less than one month Lucy's bad habits were under control, and we are now proud owners of a very well adjusted family dog. If you are at all contemplating getting rid of your dog because of behaviors you can't tolerate, we would encourage you to give Brian a try. His knowledge and experience will change you and your dog's life.” Therese, Greg & Claire Valencia, Hollyglen, CA
“Brian Lee is the best dog trainer I have ever encountered in my 60+ years of life. He is personable, energetic, and perceptive, and he also exudes well-founded confidence. His presence is unmatched when he is imparting his training to dogs and his advice and guidance to owners. I vainly considered myself to be adequate in terms of my own ability as a trainer and was skeptical about the conviction of my wife and daughter that we needed someone to help us. Our sessions with him quickly transformed my attitude and won over our dogs. Ultimately our whole family was working together on a higher and more harmonic level. One of the irreplaceable highlights is the amazing training and interaction that results from his inimitable puppy parties held at his house. Sixteen years of working with Brian has made all of us better, and all of us are looking forward to many more years ahead with him as we acquire new generations of puppies.” John Fiske, Palos Verdes Peninsula
“I have worked as a small animal veterinarian in the South Bay area for over eight years and I have known Brian Lee that entire time. Brian helped me train my own dogs and since then, I have referred many pet owners to him. Brian works well with pets and their owners. Through my many contacts as president of our local veterinary association, I know that he is well known in our area and has a strong reputation with local veterinarians as a provider of quality training. Brian has the personality and motivation to succeed at whatever he does.” Brad Brunkill, D.V.M.,
“Everything Brian has encouraged us to do has worked beautifully. We started with a 4 month old puppy who has grown into a 9 month old fantastic, well-behaved dog. Brian is a God-send. Everything he says works!” Lanita Mac, Manhattan Beach, CA
“Brian is an amazing trainer. He trained us to train our dog. His approach is logical and sensible. Working with him helped us enjoy our dog even more and helped us to socialize a dog that others could enjoy as well. Thanks!” Victoria Sork, Cheviot Hills, CA
“I have worked with Brian Lee for many years and think very highly of him as both a professional dog trainer and behaviorist and as a friend. Brian is a professional at everything he tackles, whether it be volunteering the little available time he has to offer free workshops at the dog park or following up with his clients on the details that others miss. I have always found him to be thorough with a clear view of the big picture.” Sandie Rhodes, Chairman Friends of the Redondo Beach Dog Park INC
“Brian Lee has trained all 3 of our dogs. Having had both easy and difficult dogs, he always made it fun to learn. He works well both with the whole family or just 1-2 people. Brian's puppy parties are known throughout the South Bay as the place to be. The dog owners have almost as much fun as the dogs do. It is amazing to realize how much we learn at these events. I feel sad for the dog owners who never had training with Brian Lee to appreciate his insight into dog behavior. I think it is safe to say he is the South Bay's "dog whisperer." He is able to accentuate your dog's good qualities while minimizing it's more negative tendencies.” Elaine K. Jones, Palos Verdes Estates, CA
“My family has three English Bulldogs and one Miniature Schnauzer. Add to that the fact that they are all very young makes for a houseful of snorting/barking/nipping/jumping out-of-control animals. (Did I mention we also have 3 cats?) During the first session, he worked with one dog at a time - but only for a very short period of time. He concentrated on working with me (the weakest link.) Brian was here last Tuesday, and there was no jumping/snorting/barking. I cannot thank him enough and it goes without saying that I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone who has a problem with their dog(s). I am seriously thinking of nominating him for Sainthood!” Linda Surdin, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
“I have practiced veterinary medicine in the South Bay for over 15 years and owned a veterinary hospital for over 7 years. Brian has been helping train the pets of Animal Hospital of Redondo Beach since we opened. He is caring and gentle and I've never had an ill word from the clients that have used his services. My only complaint is that he has not cloned himself so that everyone has the opportunity to have him as a trainer.” Christina Hutson, D.V.M., Animal Hospital of Redondo Beach
“We are first time puppy owners and so our first meeting with Brian was at our house a couple of months before we were to pick up our little beagle. He gave us great suggestions as to how we could make our house both puppy safe and puppy friendly. This initial meeting alone was well worth our investment. Subsequent training was all about training us and Brian was always accessible by phone between sessions for questions. We continue to recommend Brian Lee to anyone who is serious about training their puppy.” David & Victoria Gustafson,, Manhattan Beach, CA
“Let us start off by saying Brain Lee is seriously a dog Jedi, period.

We have already been through 2 trainers (from Pet-smart) to help cope with our dog's aggressive behavior towards other dogs. Whenever our dog sees another animal: on the TV, walking, in the car, etc, and locks on, there is no stopping her from the behavior that all dog owners are ashamed of: jumping, pulling, barking, and all that great stuff. Not to mention all the monetary costs her behavior has amounted to.

After Brain's training, our dog is still a work in progress, but where she is now is nothing but short of a miracle for us. While other trainers focused more on the dog itself, 99% of Brain's training was about us, the owners.” Mark I., Rancho Palos Verdes
“I have known Brian Lee professionally and personally for over 15 years. I have used Brian's expertise on numerous occasions and have known him to be quite knowledgeable in his field. He has assisted me in many situations regarding animal behavior at our facilities and I have always found him to be very helpful. I would highly recommend Brian Lee to anyone.” Tori Matthews, Humane Officer SPCALA
“Brian is awesome!! I found out it's me who has the problem and Brian helped me in so many ways recognize the errors of my ways. My dog, Wrigley, is becoming a beautiful dog in so many ways, thanks to Brian’s method of teaching. The puppy parties are so much fun and so good for the puppies for socialization. I always appreciated Brian being so accessible and reliable. Many thanks again to Brian for being so amazing at what he does.” Lynn Kirk, South Bay
“About a year ago Brian worked with Shannon and I and our dogs, Riley (a Shiba Inu) and Oni (a Hokkaido Ken). Riley was not accepting the puppy Oni and was trying to attack him. I just wanted to send you a thank you, after 8 months of following your ways, the dogs are still getting along great and are at their best!! They play together and even lay down next to each other, which we never thought would happen. I think Riley is actually enjoying having another dog around now. They are constantly playing!
Thank you so much!! We never expected the amazing outcome that your training and a little patience gave us!!” Lauren and Shannon, South Bay
“This letter is written as an endorsement of Mr. Brian Lee, who I have known for over 14 years. I have been as a private practitioner for the last 25 years and I now serve as an adjunct associate professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. Throughout my entire association with Brian over the years, I have always noted his work ethic and persistence in getting a task accomplished. The feedback from the clients I have referred to him for behavioral problems in their animals has been very positive and I hope that in his future endeavors, he may even be able to provide some kind of learning experience for veterinary students.” Robert V. Mason, D.V.M., Chief of Staff Animal Medical Clinic
“We have three dogs, two labs and one terrier. After a terrible experience with a trainer and our first dog, we had vowed to never use a trainer again. As our new baby started crawling, however, and moving around more, our terrier Wanda began being very aggressive with her. Wanda was growling and biting at the baby. We were certain we were going to have to give Wanda away, which was so sad as she is a part of the family and doubly upsetting because she was already a rescue dog. We hated to lose Wanda, but felt we had no other choice. We called Brian in desperation to try to see if there was any chance at all of making things work with the baby and Wanda. After several weeks of training with Brian, we got the situation under control. He worked with us on a range of techniques and concepts. We ended up resolving many small issues with all three of the dogs at the same time we were getting Wanda to a place where she could be with the baby and behave non aggressively on a consistent basis. We are extremely happy with the results and continue to work on the techniques and apply Brian's concepts with all of our dogs. They all are doing great - very happy and truly a great part of the family.” Marianne Bogoyevac, Redondo Beach, CA
“There are two skills that make a great animal trainer: knowledge/understanding of the animal and communication skills. Brian has both. We are fairly new dog owners and have rescued two dogs. Our first one was pretty easy but our second one, Mac, was a challenge. He is insecure and was becoming aggressive to new dogs and new people. We could not take him anywhere without him flipping out when he saw another dog and he started growling at new people. I knew it was just a matter of time before he would bite someone. Brian helped us understand the issues from the dog’s perspective and gave us a step-by-step approach to dealing with the cause. Brian helped us learn how to communicate with our dog and become the “alpha”. Mac has become much more secure and confident thanks to “The Way of the Dog.” An added benefit was that the sessions were very enjoyable and each one-hour session was loaded with great information. Brian was super organized and communicated clearly and effectively. He gave us a process to follow and each session built upon the last one. My only regret is that we did not do this sooner.” Lynda and Gary Palmer, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
“Dr. Kim Doane and I have known Brian Lee for over 10 years. During that time we have not hesitated to refer clients to him for their pet problems and training issues. We have found Brian to be professional and caring in his approach to clientele. Clients have consistently praised his methods and expertise and are very satisfied with the results. Brian obviously takes pride in the service he provides.” Stephen A. Liebl, D.V.M., Hermosa Animal Hospital, Hermosa Beach
“Dear Brian, I know it has been some time since we completed our canine counseling with you. However, not a day goes by that I do not have a moment in time to send you a heartfelt thanks for sharing your expertise in such a friendly, yet professional manner. Rusty now sits nicely at every stop light and is so well mannered - he can no longer be identified as a "street dog." You'll recall he was a rescue dog. So many thanks for improving all our families lives & definitely Rusty's.” Valerie Rodgers, Torrance, CA
“Brian was one of the best choices my wife and I could have ever made for our dogs. My wife and I learned so much about our dog that we didn't know before. The both of us wished we knew what we learned before getting our dogs. Our first one would have turned out so much better than the last two did. Brian, thank you for giving us the best relationship ever with our dogs.” Tony & Maggie Ford, Lawndale, CA
“I have studied and advised on dog behavior for over 20 years, so this is an important topic for me. I have referred my clients exclusively to Brian since he introduced his dog-training program to me back in 1992. He has a unique ability to see the basis for a dog's problem behavior and then to offer practical solutions to address the problem. I have not seen another trainer consistently deliver the results that Brian has delivered, and continues to deliver, year after year. I am confident in referring my clients and their dogs for his expertise regardless of the type of problem encountered, from simple housebreaking issues to the most severe forms of aggression. I consider Brian to be a valuable asset to my business because he helps my clients keep dogs they might otherwise have relinquished due to their problem behavior. My clients appreciate that I care enough to refer them to someone with expertise in such a critical field, and they enjoy counting their dog among the multitudes that make up Brian's track record of success. I also practice what I advise - my family trained with Brian when we acquired a new puppy, to make sure all of us treated her in the consistent manner that leads to proper behavior.” Kirk Steinam, DVM, Owner Manhattan Beach Animal Hospital
“Thank you for your professional assessment and resolution of the unfortunate event that triggered my initial contact with you. My dog Lucy's aggressive mauling of our other dog "Ginger", which ended tragically because of the fatal wounds she sustained, scared me to the point of considering euthanasia as my only alternative. Lucky, my vet referred me to you and Lucy is still with us. I was impressed by your professionalism on the phone, specifically speaking to the point of withholding your judgment of Lucy's fate until after your assessment of our home environment. You took the time to ask all the necessary questions about how the two dogs related to each other throughout their history, how the family members interfaced with the dogs, and how we addressed the dog's basic needs. You then came to the conclusion that the unfortunate incident could very well have been an isolated event. We hired you thinking you could teach her how to "change her ways". Surprisingly enough, we were the ones that had to change. As our "canine counselor" you taught us the basic skills necessary to place ourselves in the position of power over dog. Thank you so much. Lucy is a beautiful animal and just wants to be loved. Luckily, she's still around to get a whole bunch of it and in turn, we get it back ten fold.” Clara Bassett, Torrance, CA
“We are first time puppy owners and so our first meeting with Brian was at our house a couple of months before we were to pick up our little beagle. He gave us great suggestions as to how we could make our house both puppy safe and puppy friendly. This initial meeting alone was well worth our investment. Subsequent training was all about training us and Brian was always accessible by phone between sessions for questions. We continue to recommend Brian Lee to anyone who is serious about training their puppy.” David & Victoria Gustafson, Manhattan Beach, CA