Way of the Puppy

Being proactive is the first and most important step in achieving success

When's the best time to start training your puppy? Now.

Before choosing a puppy, it’s important to educate yourself about the breed (or breeds), sex, exercise needs, size, and compatibility with your family's lifestyle.

Ideally, Brian recommends beginning his program several weeks before your puppy comes home. Starting the program early allows you to learn strategies for housebreaking, puppy-proofing your home, keeping your puppy safe, and other day-to-day challenges before they become problems. Being proactive is the first and most important step in achieving success.

Socializing Your Puppy

Puppies from 7 to 18 weeks of age go through a critical socialization-imprinting period that is similar to the first 5 years of a human's life.

Experiences that occur during this time can profoundly affect a puppy's development, therefore, it is an invaluable opportunity to mold and shape your puppy's future. Brian recommends starting counseling sessions with your puppy as early as 7 weeks of age.

Puppy Parties

Unfortunately, most puppies have only played with a handful of dogs off leash, if any, which can lead to aggression and other anti-social behaviors later on. To address this issue, Brian created his famous “Puppy Parties.”

Every few weeks he host 20 to 30 puppies and their owners at his home office for a socialization session. At these parties, puppies have the opportunity to play and gain social confidence and experience in a supervised and controlled environment. Puppy parties are included with the puppy program.

Be proactive - Not reactive. Start NOW!

Brian and Puppy Brian and Puppy Brian and Puppy